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Arts Roundup: Peak Bloom Edition

The cherry blossoms are expected to peak March 26-30. [Post]
Signature Theatre announces its 2013-14 season. [Post]
The new Hill Center Poetry Series comes to the Old Naval Hospital. [Post]
H&M takes over Barnes & Noble's old space at Union Station. [Washington Business Journal]
Eliminated this week, North Potomac native Gurpreet Singh Sarin was the first Sikh contestant on [...]

Arts Roundup: Sassy Orbs Edition

Former record-label mogul donates a huge cache of rock interviews to the Library of Congress [Rolling Stone]
The National Women's History Museum names an interim chair and makes other changes following a Huffington Post investigation [Huffington Post]
The National Gallery of Art is a little less white and male than it used to be [Tyler Green]
Rosslyn gets [...]

Don’t Be Bored: The Easy Way or the Hard Way

Shiny entertainment or challenging experimentalism: Tonight's live music options give us the whole spectrum. If you're the kind of person who sips straight Campari and likes your bedtime reading Slavic and turn-of-the-century, try out Sonic Circuits' program tonight at Pyramid Atlantic. Prefer to tap the Rockies? Like your flakes frosted, your reading glossy? Form a [...]

The Worst Week Ever

Summer, sadly, is coming to an end. And so, too, is the summer concert season, a profitable time for show promoters and a nadir for music fans. Like the big-budget, small-minded Hollywood sequels that drop like glittery turds into national cinemas every July, summer arena concerts are designed for maximum entertainment and minimum contemplation. This week, [...]

In Mount Pleasant, Halloween is a Drag on Hobart Street

Every Halloween night for the past seven years, Tom Burkhardt, 61, and his partner, Steven Dunn, 55, with the help and participation of fellow Hobart Street residents in Mount Pleasant, have put on a drag show on the porch roof of their row house. Kids and adults alike gather in the street to watch the 7 [...]

Arts Roundup: Bonnaroo, Jack White, and Another Free Willy

Good morning, snowed-in readers.
*The 2010 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival line-up was announced yesterday over a painstakingly long unveiling process. Some of the artists for the four-day Tennessee-based festival include: Kings of Leon (the first band to go from a tent stage to a headliner), Dave Matthews Band, Phoenix, Jay-Z, Norah Jones, The xx, Stevie [...]

Maura Johnston Leaves Idolator

Maura Johnston announced today that she's leaving Idolator, the pop music blog she's edited for over three years.
"Just wanted to let you know that today is my last day as editor of Idolator. The site will continue on, and I will continue to write about music, but we’ve decided to part ways," Johnston wrote on [...]

Current Events in the Key of C: Michael Gregory and his Auto-Tuner (With Video)

Is there a formula for a successful viral video? What does Charlie Bit My Finger have in common with Daft Hands? At what mysterious coordinates do the Harry Potter Puppet Pals intersect with David After Dentist?
That's a tough one. The question of what makes a successful viral music video, however, may be easier to pinpoint. [...]