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Lupita Nyong’o Was the Muse for Judah’s New Album

"Hi, Judah. It's Lupita. So I hear you're doing your next instrumentals album and I'm the inspiration behind it."
No, it's not the real Lupita Nyong'o who calls D.C. producer Judah at the top of his new concept album, The Lupita Nyong'o Instrumentals, a sequel to 2010's Amber Rose-inspired EP.
So why is Lupita the inspiration for Judah's new [...]

Don’t Be Scared of P.U.S.S.Y.

If nothing else, Judah knows how to indulge his fantasies, no matter how bizarre or outlandish. On 2010's The Amber Rose Instrumentals, the Northeast D.C. native imagined a brief rendezvous with Rose, only to be dumped for her then-boyfriend Kanye West. Following the moderate success of the summery "Sundresses and Sandals," Judah promoted the song with [...]

DCIFF: Amber Rose

Domesticity offers little security to the mother and daughter in the middle of Amber Rose, even if they are the last ones to figure that out. What starts as an apparent account of an endlessly curious latchkey kid with a hardworking single mom who speaks in vaguely Southern folkisms develops into one of the more [...]

Watch Out, Kanye: Judah’s The Amber Rose Instrumentals

I'm a bit late to the party here—although, in this case, it's probably more of a weird-ass, retro-futuristic, haute-cautureish, all-night fête. D.C. producer Judah's latest mixtape, The Amber Rose Instrumentals, is dedicated to the eponymous model with the shaved head, who is best-known as the girlfriend of Kanye West. The mixtape, a quick and cool [...]