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Should the Smithsonian Use Kickstarter to Fund Its Spacesuit Restoration?

Is the Air and Space Museum becoming Amanda Palmer 2.0 or bringing donor solicitation into the 21st century?

ToDo ToDay: Amanda Palmer, Lucinda Williams, and Animal Collective DJs

Enjoy a no-cost photography show or pay to learn how to ask for things for free.

Music 2008: My Year in Concerts

You haven't had enough of the lists yet, have you? Good. Here's one more quick one: my list of favorite shows of the year, mostly in D.C. but also ranging north to Baltimore and south to Charlottesville (links all lead to photos):

St. Vincent at Rock & Roll Hotel, February 26
Nels Cline Singers at the [...]

Amanda Palmer @ the 9:30 Club

(Full photoset from this show is here.)
Based on his review of Amanda Palmer's new record, if Casey Rae-Hunter was at her show at the 9:30 Club this past Tuesday, he might have been initially dismayed to find that Palmer is touring sans drummer. In fact, she is touring sans almost any other musicians at all, [...]