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Alt-Country Chanteuse Lydia Loveless Has No Guilty Pleasures

Alt-country singer-songwriter Lydia Loveless grew up on a farm in rural Cushocton, Ohio, playing in bands with her two older sisters and her dad. Though her voice has the ageless authority of Neko Case or Patsy Cline, and her songs suggest a lifetime of romantic disappointment, sexual frustration, and poor choices, she's only 23 years [...]

This Week’s One Track Mind: The Moderate

The Moderate's track "Small Pills" off the recent album The Rest is Up to You starts all alt-country song before a chorus of jolting, uptempo power chords. While the song was originally written as a ballad about a disintegrating relationship, singer Jim Dempsey used the band's new lineup switch last year to make the song [...]

Dept. of Flannel and Sneakers: Dawes @ IOTA Club & Cafe Tonight

People who hear Dawes before learning anything about the band are generally surprised to learn they’re from Los Angeles. What, like L.A. never had cowboys?
The band’s m.o. is most certainly country, what with its easy stride and affinity for one-four-five “Hey brother, jump on that third when we hit the chorus” template. But there’s definitely [...]

Album Review: American Central Dust, by Son Volt

Two things about Son Volt’s new album, American Central Dust, to start: First, there’s little here Son Volt hasn't shown us before. Second, it’s one of the best albums I’ve heard this year.
The record finds Jay Farrar back on the road, searching for meaning beneath America’s fingernails. He gives us grainy portraits of Rust-Belt Americans, [...]