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Arts Roundup: RIP Nouveau Riche Edition

After seven years, dance party Nouveau Riche is coming to an end. [Facebook]
Once again, demand for Book of Mormon tickets overwhelms the Kennedy Center's website. [Post]
Michelle Obama appears on the cover of Vogue for the second time. [Post]
WSC Avant Bard, the theater company ejected from Artisphere last year, has found a venue for Allyson Currin’s Caesar and [...]

D.C. Urban Moms: The Play, Not the Message Board

Allyson Currin's play Benched is about three D.C. urban moms. But thankfully, it has nothing to do with DC Urban Moms and Dads, the vitriolic local message board that's the area's closest thing to a Fight Club for parents. The women in Benched don't call each other names or insult each other's strollers. They just [...]