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Guitarist Joel Harrison on Local Legends, D.C. Roadhouse Sounds, and Anthony Pirog

Harrison will play two gigs this weekend with fellow guitarist Anthony Pirog and others.

Photos: Washington Women in Jazz Festival Gala Show

Last night's "gala show" of the Washington Women in Jazz Festival was worthy of its elevated status on the festival agenda. Festival organizer Amy K. Bormet—interviewed by Mike West last week—put together an all-star sextet featuring guitarist Mary Halvorson (pictured above), drummer Allison Miller, saxophonist Sarah Hughes, trumpeter Jaimie Branch, bassist Karine Chapdelaine, and Bormet [...]

Jazz Setlist, March 13-19: Vajazzled

Thursday, March 13
Myra Melford is arresting. The often experimental composer and piano player has worked with (and at the head of) a variety of ensembles. But her most recent release, last year's Life Carries Me This Way, highlighted Melford's solo work for the first time. She has a beautiful way with constructing melody lines, and perhaps [...]

Jazz Setlist, March 15-21: Wailin’ Women

Thursday, March 15
You'll hear a lot of talk in just about all music criticism about innovation and innovators. But it's not often you hear discussion of an innovator who actually developed a new way to play an instrument. In the 1980s, guitarist Stanley Jordan developed the two-handed "touch" or "tap" technique, which allows him to [...]

Your Weekend in Experimental Music: Zevious, Boom Tic Boom

Tomorrow: Although the guitar trio Zevious started off as a jazz combo, it quickly spiced up its compositions with strong hints of math rock, complex prog, and even a touch of technical metal. The group recently released its latest album, After the Air Raid, on Cuneiform Records, a perfect fit if there ever was one. [...]

Jazz Setlist, March 18-24: Puzzlebox, Javon & Cedar, and more

March 18
Puzzlebox describes itself as a fusion of "traditional, third stream, progressive, and avant garde jazz." All of which is true, but there's a more direct touchstone for their sound: Charles Mingus, whose uneasy juxtaposition of the dark and the boisterous permeates the Philadelphia octet. Indeed, Keith DeStefano, the founder and leader of Puzzlebox, is [...]