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DMV Beats: Shy Glizzy, Uptown XO, The White Mandingos, Yung Gleesh, Alli the Abstract

Busy Glizzy
We know that Southeast catchphrase-provider Shy Glizzy can handle a hook, but what happens when he basically sings all the way through a song? On the memorable new cut "I Am D.C.," the results have some of Cee-Lo's ease and some of Eazy-E's sneer, but Glizzy's voice is unique in how it expresses hunger. [...]

DMV Beats: M1 Platoon, Alli the Abstract, Fly Rebel Society, and The Other Guys

The Return of M1 Platoon
Four-man crew M1 Platoon released its project Rippin They Sh*t 2 earlier this month. The group has been putting out music since its origins on the campus of North Carolina Central University and got a big push—and guidance—from another former NCCU student: producer-turned-Duke University professor 9th Wonder. After some time off, [...]

DMV Beats: OneWay Nooch, X.O., Yaddiya, Alli the Abstract, Lyriciss, RAtheMC

OneWay Nooch's Rookie Season
OneWay Nooch isn't the only rapper in his family—his dad is OneWay Boobe of the Oy Boyz crew. So the quality of the teenager's debut mixtape, Rookie Season isn't surprising, given that pops certainly knows how to break off some professional-sounding product. And the tape's overall shrewdness—from its RGIII-themed cover to its [...]

DMV Beats: Shy Glizzy, Alli the Abstract, Substantial, Tabi Bonney, Chris Bo

Shy Glizzy's Wishes
Shy Glizzy's most recent music video for "I Wish" is his most introspective and jarring. The Boyz in the Hood samples are appropriate, as is the broken glass... everywhere. It's a song about paranoia in which Glizz laments his role in society and communicates the kind of basic longing that his hungry delivery and [...]