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Arts Roundup: Saint of Gutters Edition

- To promote its showcase Wednesday at Comet Ping Pong, local music blog All Our Noise made a handsome video of Cigaretteperforming in a Shaw garden [All Our Noise]
- Wolf Trap Opera Company Director Kim Witman is traveling, looking for new singers, and she compiled a list of the kinds of stories she hears from people [...]

How All Our Noise Became One of D.C.’s Best Music Blogs

At first, Victor Alejándro Aguilar and Raul Zahir De Leon didn't mean for All Our Noise to take on its own life. "We had this DJ night we were trying to promote," says De Leon. "We had this idea we would have this blog mostly to promote this night." Their Marquis party at Napoleon may not [...]

Arts Roundup: Buzz Lightyear Edition

Buzz Lightyear to the National Air and Space Museum. [Post]
The Commission on the Arts and Humanities announces its Arts Impact grants, and there are some surprises. [DCist]
Savage U, Dan Savage's new college-geared sex advice show, premieres tonight. The first episode is taped at the University of Maryland, where students supposedly screw each other in the [...]

Arts Roundup: “RiYL: Roundups” Edition

Good morning! I need a haircuit! But I won't be getting one from this guy! Any recommendations, readers?
Here are some things I might do this weekend!
- That mind-fucking Ramin Bahrani short starring the disembodied voice of Werner Herzog as a morose plastic bag? It's showing this weekend as part of the Environmental Film Festival. RiYL: Easy [...]

Endorsed: All Our Noise’s Very Watchable SXSW Wrap-Up

It's true: This year's South by Southwest feels like it ended 48 months ago. I already briefly pondered the South by Southwest postmortem, which is surely its own codified form by now. It's several weeks later, but the content bomb that All Our Noise just dropped—which includes over a dozen videos the site's Denman C. [...]

Fan Death to D.C.: “We stand 100% behind what we said”

On Tuesday morning All Our Noise posted an interview with Sean Gray and Chris Berry, the owners of Fan Death Records. Chatting with reporter Denman C. Anderson, the pair discussed their favorite bands, the history of their label, and their plans to release a comedy record.
They also voiced a few rankling opinions about the [...]

Child Ballads Covers Dean Martin, Performs at Velvet Lounge Tonight

When it comes to reinterpreting the music of the past, Stewart Lupton has a pretty expert touch. In Jonathan Fire*Eater, he got some real mileage out of Mick Jagger circa '69. Child Ballads' Cheekbone Hollows EP made clever connections between Bobby Charles' rootsy schtick and Royal Trux-style decadence. But Dean Martin? Seems like a [...]

Shortstack Live @ Comet Ping Pong

A few weeks ago Shortstack came out of hiding and performed a show at Comet Ping Pong. I went here instead. Fortunately, All Our Noise was there and shot some footage of the band. And they're rocking out. The band's past couple of releases–History of Cut Nails in America and 2008's Covers EP–had some grit, [...]

Vandaveer @ Millennium Stage Tonight

D.C.-based folky Vandaveer–who just released his new album, Divide & Conquer–will be performing a free show tonight over at Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage.
All Our Noise recently shot this footage of him performing a couple of songs at Comet Ping Pong:

Bite Sized Sets At Comet: Vandaveer from All Our Noise on Vimeo.
Kennedy Center Millennium Stage
2700 F [...]

Jesse Elliott @ All Our Noise

These United States' new record, Everything Touches Everything, landed yesterday. It's a little bit more rocking than the bands prior releases, as evidenced by the various singles that have been posted on this blog. But if all that electric guitar work has you ready to make like Pete Seger–taking an axe to the power cable–this [...]