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Song Premiere: Beyond Modern’s Pounding, Sexual “Fall Through”

"Nights like this I wish you were naked in my bed."

ToDo ToDay: Jon B, Moneytown, Aster Aweke, and Modern Moves Festival

After spending the early ’90s penning R&B hits for big names including Michael Jackson, Jon B broke out in 1995 with his debut album, Bonafide. His third effort, 2001’s Pleasures U Like, included “Calling On You,” which Drake sampled a decade later on the nostalgic “Cameras.” The Drizzy shout-out gave B a bump in time [...]

Alison Carney’s AlisonWonderland, Reviewed

The last time we heard an Alison Carney solo recording, she was pretty subdued. Her four-song EP from 2008 was downtempo and heavy on familiar R&B themes: giving into romance, discovering new love, self-empowerment.
Three years later, the Northeast D.C. native sounds far removed from those earlier contemplative ballads. She's still playing with electro-soul, but now the [...]

Harmony Muzik’s Concert-as-Networking-Event

Musicians don't see many major-label talent scouts in the DMV. Local stations don't seem to have too much interest in area artists. But there is plenty of great musical talent in D.C., and Harmony Muzik wants the world to know it. "I think we are a model for the independent movement," says the Virginia-based singer. "People need [...]

Sunday: “DMV Helps Haiti” Benefit Concert, One Year Later

One year ago, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake rocked Haiti, killing more than 230,000 people and leaving another 1 million people homeless.
In response to the devastation, promoters here and abroad organized a seemingly endless stream of benefit concerts to aid the country's overwhelming relief efforts. To date, more than $1 billion has been raised for Haiti's earthquake [...]

Download: Kokayi’s “RoxTar”

The last time we heard from Kokayi, he and fellow D.C. natives Tabi Bonney and Alison Carney had written, recorded, and performed "Higher Stars" in one day. This time, Kokayi goes at it alone on "RoxTar," a genre-blending, mind-splitting, pop-rock fusion that pays homage to his favorite rock bands, and dispels any myth that black [...]

Tabi Bonney, Kokayi Channel NPR’s Project Song?

A few days old, this. But this video shot by Chris Keener, featuring a song created in one day by Tabi Bonney, Kokayi, and Alison Carney, as well as some somehow-related street art, is worth noting because: 1) It totally reminds me of NPR's excellent (and now defunct?) Project Song series, only with less time, exposition, [...]