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The Way We Spiv Now: Ian Svenonius Inaugurates Club Lip-Sync

Ian Svenonius has a new day job. "Impresario at the Club Lip-Sync," he says.
The new gig, which might last exactly one day, has the Chain & the Gang frontman emceeing a lip-sync dance party at Adams Morgan vintage shop Meeps tonight. Svenonius says he's long dreamed of a pantomime party in which bands mouth the words [...]

One Track Mind: Alex Minoff

Standout Track: No. 2, “Hard Labour,” an ode to a pretty boy’s life that borrows its name from Mike Leigh’s 1973 television film. “Ugly people, there’s a lot of them/And I haven’t got the luxury of the bomb,” sings Alex Minoff, winkingly. “So all that’s left is to live my life like a painting, or [...]

Arts Roundup: Our Favorite D.C. Musicians Edition

City Paper-approved MC Kokayi goes head to head with his kid son in a freestyle battle. Watch! [Potholes In My Blog]
City Paper-approved guitarist Alex Minoff releases his album. Listen! [Bandcamp]
Bruce Springsteen throws his weight behind President Barack Obama in Virginia, and Rep. Eric Cantor's Democratic opponent in Virginia's 7th Congressional District has an advocate in bluegrass [...]

Arts Roundup: Jams Edition

Musician Alex Minoff was destined to play the role of an intense yet helpful bureaucrat, and this video for D.C. Design Week proves it [Twitter]
For your desk jamming today: Protect-U has a new mix [Noise In My Head]
D.C.'s most "swoonworthy" male DJs assemble Spotify playlists for the readers of Refinery 29; jury still out on whether Refinery's demographic [...]

Get the Gang Together, We’re Putting on a Show

What are you doing Friday, Sept. 14? Nothing? OK, we've got you covered.
Each month, the Smithsonian American Art Museum hosts Luce Unplugged, a best-kept-secret of a concert series that's featured stripped-down sets from great acts like John Davis, Birdlips, Deleted Scenes, Aaron Thompson, and more. The setting is the museum's intimate Luce Foundation Center for [...]

ToDo ToDay: Monty Python and Simpsons Trivia

Officially, local screenings of the remastered Monty Python and the Holy Grail do not involve an audience participation segment. But don’t be surprised if the whole theater recites most of the movie back to the screen. The film, first released in 1975, achieved cult-classic status not long afterward; now, it’s simply part of the fabric of [...]

On Repeat: Alex Minoff’s Sort-of-Released Solo Album

Alex Minoff has an album of new tunes. Someone should put out this Alex Minoff album of new tunes!
For now, it's all on Soundcloud, and the songs are rich in lovelorn bon mots ("I only ever loved two things, and both of them are you"), early rock 'n' roll tropes, and the kind of colorful, [...]

ToDo ToDay: Nationals’ Home Opener

At their worst, baseball games are like overpriced picnics. At their best, they’re sublime. The pricey concessions are mitigated by cheap seats, and relaxing in the stands with a cup of beer is the best way to enjoy sports. Last year, the Washington Nationals had their second-best season since returning to D.C. in 2005. Now, [...]

The Make-Up Is Reuniting in May

The Make-Up, the D.C. post-punk/"gospel yeh-yeh" outfit led by Ian Svenonius, is reuniting this spring for I'll Be Your Mirror, a three-day event put on by the All Tomorrows Parties festival series. The shows, guest-curated by Mogwai, run May 25-27 at the Alexandra Palace in London, U.K., and also feature Codeine, Melvins, Dirty Three, and at [...]