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Six Great Works of Short Fiction From 2011

Short-story collections have a way of getting, er, short shrift when top-10 season rolls around. In part that's because they have to meet an impossible standard: A novel is usually obligated to sustain only one tone and a handful of themes across its pages, while the short-story writer has to play with multiple tones and [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Punk and Go-Go In Eckington, Reading Imagining Madoff, The Strokes

Sadie Dingfelder leads this week's arts section with her feature "A Tale of Two Warehouses," about an Eckington punk space that police shut down after 10 months—and an Eckington go-go venue that they shut down before it held a single show. Ted Scheinman breaks down the differences between the original script of Imagining Madoff and [...]