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Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve, Reviewed

Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve, a cluttered and uninspiring new documentary, suffers from an unenviable comparison to Inside Job, the 2011 Oscar winner that also covered the causes and repercussions of the 2008 financial crisis. But the two films' framing devices differ significantly; while Inside Job takes a broader view of the relationship [...]

Tonight: Lee Konitz @KenCen Terrace Theater

Cool Jazz sax legend Lee Konitz stops by the Kennedy Center's Terrace Theater tonight—in advance of his show, Washington City Paper talked to Konitz about his upcoming projects, working with the contemporary jazz trio Minsarah,  and Alan Greenspan. 
Washington City Paper: How did you get hooked up with Minsarah?
Lee Konitz: They invited me to play with them, [...]

Trend Stories, Thunk About

In which the author discusses the perceived relationship between economic downturns and bleak aesthetics.
Constant reader, beware of the "trend story." Rather than say, "I had some thoughts about this not-incredibly-newsworthy subject that I thought I'd write about," journalists say "This study was undertaken that is sorta related to something I wanted to write about, and [...]