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Arts News Before You Start Your Weekend: Arts Commission’s PR Camp, WPFW Firings, New Downtown Concert Venue

- Although the 100 teenagers in the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities' Media Arts Camp are part of the city's Summer Youth Employment Program, they're in at least one sense lucky: They don't have to wear uniforms, blue or otherwise. "They get to be completely artsy-fartsy," says Gloria Nauden, the executive director of [...]

Last Chance: “Naked” by A.B. Miner at G Fine Art

The debut show in G Fine Art's new space, Al Miner's "Naked," closes Saturday, so this week is your last chance to see the artist at his barest. A City Lights pick last month outlined Miner's self portraits—both of his scarred and scabbed chest following a double mastectomy, and of his face in various states [...]