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Cecile McLorin Salvant: 2010 Thelonious Monk Competition Winner

(Update 10/5 7:32 AM: It bears mentioning that I missed the first hour of Sunday's semifinal, which included Salvant's performance for that day. My critique of her singing would surely have been affected if I'd seen her perform twice, as I did Wade and Amie. Caveat emptor.)
Two things to remember:
(1) Singing is perhaps the most [...]

Jazz Setlist, January 21-27: Aqui Oh, Ella, and More

Jan. 21
You've probably met that guy—the one who tells you he loves Brazilian music, and busts out the only songs he actually knows: "The Girl from Ipanema," "Corcovado," and a couple of Caetano Veloso numbers. Great tunes, all, but not terribly representative of the huge and deeply rich body of music from Brazil. A [...]