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Standing in Line to See Star Wars: A Live Blog

In which our managing editor stands in line for eight hours to see the new "Star Wars."

Arts Roundup: Sign Wars Edition

Plus: What to see at this year's AFI European Union Showcase.

Star Light, Star Brighter: The Einstein Planetarium Gets an Upgrade

Between light pollution and crowded roof-deck bars, getting a good look at the night sky in D.C. can be more hassle than it’s worth. The Air and Space Museum’s Einstein Planetarium is a decent (and air-conditioned) alternative, and after an extensive renovation late last month, the view is better than ever.
This is Einstein’s first big [...]

The Art of the Steal: A Brief History of Museum Theft in D.C.

It’s no theft of the Mona Lisa, but the tale of the “flea market” Renoir was one of the best art-theft stories the D.C. area has seen in years—made irresistible by the fishy claims of a local woman who, saying she paid $7 for Renoir’s “On the Shore of the Seine” at a flea market [...]

Arts Roundup: Samuel Clemens Edition

Chris Brown expected back in D.C. court. [AP]
Pacman and Peso return from North Korea, talk about experiences. [Guardian]
Here are some of the ways Mark Twain spent his short time in D.C. [Jack Limpert]
Reflecting on Shudder to Think's non-single single [AV Club]
Cool Mars rover images to go on view at Air and Space Museum. [AP]
The Washington [...]

After “Anchorman: The Exhibit,” How Low Can D.C. Museums Go?

Last week, the struggling Newseum opened one of the more blatantly pandering exhibits in local museum history: a show dedicated to Anchorman, the 2004 Will Ferrell vehicle that's remained stubbornly fixed in the popular imagination, mostly for its litany of moronic one-liners (“I love lamp!”). Arriving just a month before the premiere of the movie’s [...]

Arts Roundup: Anyone Want a Helicopter? Edition

The Air and Space Museum is giving away items from its collection. [WJLA]
As expected, Artisphere is over budget again and it requires an additional $800,000 from Arlington County. [Examiner]
Library of Congress wins a special Grammy. [AP via WTOP]
WPFW has to move in a month, but where? [City Desk]
The Kennedy Center will produce a musical inspired [...]

Arts Roundup: Buzz Lightyear Edition

Buzz Lightyear to the National Air and Space Museum. [Post]
The Commission on the Arts and Humanities announces its Arts Impact grants, and there are some surprises. [DCist]
Savage U, Dan Savage's new college-geared sex advice show, premieres tonight. The first episode is taped at the University of Maryland, where students supposedly screw each other in the [...]

Ditch Your Gym Membership, Work Out at the Museum: An Arts Desk Guide

We're not sure what to make of this video, posted yesterday on the Phillips Collection's Experiment Station blog, in which the museum reps for first lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move!" exercise campaign. Apparently physical and cultural health can go hand in hand, hence a gang of small children frolicking (but not running!) through the museum's [...]