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Agnes Bolt Occupies Occupy D.C.

Maybe you missed Agnes Bolt's week-long live-in performance project at the home of arts maven Philippa Hughes. And perhaps you skipped "Dealing," the artist's surprising solo show that just closed at Project 4 Gallery and featured artifacts from the Hughes encampment and another of Bolt's impositions on our city's poor art collectors. No matter. You [...]

Roadmap for 2029: Philip Barlow’s Actuarial Report on Artist Agnes Bolt

My favorite piece in Agnes Bolt's solo show at Project 4 is "Expertise," a collaborative exercise with Philip Barlow, a longtime D.C. art collector. In advance of her show, Bolt invited Barlow to get down in the trenches with her, challenging one another in a week-long game of performance art dares. The exhibit features all [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Library of Congress, Agnes Bolt, Othello

John Anderson leads this week's section with a feature about the Library of Congress' duplication services, which are no longer selling darkroom-made prints. Franz Jantzen, a darkroom printer whose freelance work for LoC has now ended, says it's our loss. Kriston Capps reviews Project 4's Agnes Bolt solo show—you'll remember Bolt is the Pittsburgh artist [...]

Arts Roundup: Return of the Bubble Edition

Same Collaborators, New Living Quarters: The Pittsburgh-based artist Agnes Bolt, who earlier this year spent a week camped inside a bubble inside Philippa Hughes' living room, returns this weekend with a new exhibit—this one at the Project 4 Gallery on U Street NW—that features more personal information from the Pink Line Project leader. Over at [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 35

All the heathens on the left* say "Far Out!" All the heathens on the right* say "Hot Dang!" That's right, kids, Far Out vs. Hot Dang will definitely get left behind, because somebody has to collect all this stuff each week, right?

*These are not political designations. We kinda just divided the room in half. [...]

Agnes Bolt Is Smelling Ripe After Almost A Week In The Plexiglass Bubble

Agnes Bolt is smelling a little ripe. It’s hard not to notice the ripeness once you start crawling through the blue tube that gets you into the small plexiglass installation—sort of like a human-sized hamster cage, without the running wheel— in the middle of Philippa Hughes’ living room in her apartment just off U Street [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 34

As long as the mighty Far Out vs. Hot Dang exists, D.C. cannot logically be a "second-tier city" for anything. That's because the genesis and continued existence of this weekly assemblage has allowed D.C. to jump from "third-tier" to "first-tier" status. We skipped the second tier, yo.

"But this isn’t a story about Lionize. It’s a [...]

Arts Roundup: Things That Probably Shouldn’t Be Ranked Edition

Journalism Is Masochism: On the heels of the debut of the first single by Real Housewife-fameball-gatecrasher-other-trashy-hyphenate Michaele Salahi, TBD's Sarah Godfrey put herself through the unenviable task of listening to every song released by cast members of the Real Housewives franchise and lived to tell the world. Shockingly, Salahi's "Bump It" ranks as the second-best [...]

Philippa Hughes and Agnes Bolt Have a Party

Last night, art-scene doyenne Philippa Hughes had some friends over to discuss the art on her walls, but the real attraction was the art living in her apartment: Since Sunday, Pittsburgh's Agnes Bolt has been staying in a plastic bubble inside Hughes' home. Check out our slideshow of last night's surreal interaction between art, artist, collector, [...]

Arts Roundup: Giant Inhabitable Bubble Edition

At Least Vince Gray Hasn't Proposed an Artistic Loyalty Oath: Leaders of D.C.'s art scene aren't thrilled with the current state of things, but The Post's Philip Kennicott finds it's much worse in Bahrain. The island monarchy, usually a regional patron of the arts (as well as the occasional series at the Kennedy Center), has [...]