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ToDo ToDay: Afrojack, Jazz Fest, and Sausage-Making

Those of us who turn an ear toward mainstream dance music only when we amble past the open doors of a Georgetown chain store might not grasp the extent to which a particular strain of Dutch house has permeated club music. Several years ago, the bleepy, hip-hop-flecked interpretation of house—commonly called “Dirty Dutch”—didn’t make a [...]

Busta Rhymes Has Earned This Détente

I've been categorically dismissing Busta Rhymes for nearly two decades, but my stamina is finally shot: I hereby endorse his jabberjawing on "Look At Me Now," the new Chris Brown single that also features Lil Wayne. Busta doesn't say shit, but his syllables have uncommon euphony, and I can picture 'em flitting across a musical [...]