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ToDo ToDay: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

The Half Street Fairgrounds, a collection of shipping containers circled around a fallow parking lot across from Nationals Park, failed in its first attempt at becoming a destination for pop-up retail: Jewelry and clothing didn’t mix well with booze and music, the vendors said. So this summer, Fairgrounds management is doubling down on the tunes, [...]

Afrika Bambaataa: Young Rappers Need Teachin’

Hip-hop is all about bragging rights: who's got the biggest chain, the iciest wrist, and the best rhymes. So how's this for a brag: Afrika Bambaataa helped create hip-hop, a perch only a few can claim.
His use of electronics not only crystallized hip-hop's electro-funk sound, it set the course for the creation of electronic dance [...]

Weekend Music Roundup: We Are the World Edition

After spending a few weeks down south, I returned to D.C. reminded of how much this city constantly has to offer.  So after quite literally returning from the backwoods to write this weeks' roundup, I felt like I was setting up booths at some high school multi-culti "We Are the World-inspired festival. Granted, not my [...]

Head-Roc’s Mouth: “Funk 4 the Dream”

The one and only Afrika Bambaataa will be arriving in Chocolate City to “Planet Rock” funk it up for the “Funk 4 Peace” concert being held at U Street Music Hall this Sunday. The undisputed grandmaster and godfather of hip-hop culture will perform live and direct with D.C.’s international culture break-beat funk stars, Fort [...]