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ToDo ToDay: Seth Meyers! Barbecue Battle! Lumen8 Begins!

With his dimpled cheeks and twinkly blue eyes, it’s plain to see why Saturday Night Live’s head writer Seth Meyers is the object of Bill Hader’s affection. He’s been a mainstay at Studio 8H for a dozen years, and while he always entertains when manning the "Weekend Update" desk or channeling Anderson Cooper in a crisis [...]

AFI Docs: Caucus, Reviewed

If there’s a whiff of desperation in all things political, Caucus—AJ Schnack's documentary chronicling the behind-the-scenes machinations of the 2012 Iowa Caucus—reeks of failed ambition and boundless folly. For anyone who has forgotten the high drama of last year’s Republican presidential field (how is that possible?), a brief refresher: $10,000 bets, peculiar pronunciations of "nominee," [...]

AFI Docs: What Films to See Today

Today's the first full day of programming for AFI Docs. Here's what you should see.
If You Build It
Windsor, N.C., is a town in need of a jolt. In 2010, a flood destroyed its central business district. A quarter of its roughly 2,300 residents lives in poverty. Former Manassas school superintendent Sidney "Chip" Zullinger resigned after [...]

ToDo ToDay: Cold Cave! Cat Power!

Post-punk wouldn’t be post-punk without a certain level of resentment between murky waves of synth-heavy swells.  Philadelphia’s Cold Cave recently released a 7-inch titled “Black Boots,” but tonight, expect to hear older favorites and earworm throttlers from its last studio effort from 2011, Cherish the Light Years. Twinkling synth lines and drum machines punctuate the band’s [...]

AFI Docs: The Kill Team, Reviewed

The Maywand District killings, in which a group of army infantrymen murdered at least three Afghan civilians in early 2010, making their actions appear to be combat-related, seems almost too big to tackle. A dozen soldiers charged with crimes, 11 convicted, for a range of charges starting with premeditated murder and keeping human body parts [...]

Arts Roundup: Gehry FTW Edition

The story of The Doors' legendary 1967 show at the Alexandria Roller Rink, aka that time Jim Morrison gave his hometown the finger [Post]
After Frank Gehry debuts some tweaks to the Eisenhower Memorial, the Memorial Commission approves that joint. [Post]
A report from the Frederick Douglass statue unveiling at the Capitol building, where House Minority Leader Nancy [...]

AFI Docs: Letters to Jackie, Reviewed

Letters to Jackie wraps its hands around our Camelot-era heartstrings and for 90 minutes, just tugs, tugs, tugs. An impressionistic revisitation of John F. Kennedy’s presidency and the somber days that followed his 1963 assassination, Bill Couturié's film recruits a number of prominent actors—Viola Davis, Michelle Williams, Jessica Chastain, Channing Tatum, and others—to read, in [...]

AFI Docs Announces 2013 Schedule

AFI Docs, the sweeping documentary film festival formerly known as Silverdocs, has announced its 2013 schedule. In addition to previously announced premieres of Herblock: The Black & The White, Documented, and Letters to Jackie, the June festival will include 52 other films, including Caucus, A.J. Schnack's behind-the-scenes look at the 2012 Republican caucuses in Iowa. You know, [...]

Herblock: The Black & the White Will Show at 2013 AFI Docs

Yet another film with a Washington Post connection will get a special showing at this year's AFI Docs (formerly Silverdocs): Today the festival announced that Herblock: The Black & the White, a biography of longtime Post editorial cartoonist Herb Block, will have its D.C. premiere at this year's gala at the Newseum. A date has [...]

AFI Docs Announces Two Premieres

This morning, AFI Docs announced the first two premieres for this year's festival: Letters to Jackie and Documented.
Bill Couturié (who directed the Oscar-winning doc Common Threads: Stories From the Quilt) is behind Letters to Jackie, a documentary in which 20 Hollywood performers read letters sent to Jacqueline Kennedy in the wake of President John F. Kennedy's assassination in [...]