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DCIFF: The Boy Mir – Ten Years in Afghanistan

Eight-year-old Mir and his family live in the mountains of Afghanistan.  It's 2001 and the long-oppressive Taliban regime has been toppled by U.S. and allied forces. Mir and his family have already fled from the Taliban and drought in their village in the North to the caves of Bamiyan. It's here that filmmaker Phil Grabsky [...]

Meet a Visiting Cartoonist: A Chat with Ted Rall

Editorial cartoonist Ted Rall used to appear regularly in the City Paper’s pages, but in recent years he’s expanded beyond "just" being an "alternative" cartoonist. He writes a weekly syndicated editorial, just returned from Afghanistan where he was practicing cartoon journalism (with cartoonists Matt Bors and Steven Cloud), and has a new prose book, The [...]

The Great Game: Afghanistan, Reviewed

There’s a lot going on at Sidney Harman Hall, where the London-based Tricycle Theatre has brought its sprawling chronicle The Great Game: Afghanistan to the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s stage. A cyclical story of invasion and resistance covering nearly two centuries, and a joint effort involving no fewer than 12 writers, the massive undertaking looks at three [...]