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Photo: Persephone by Eames Armstrong and Carolyn Becker

Photo: Persephone

Photos: Denuded Performance by Bruno Isaković

Photo: Ziad Nagy at Softer, Softest

Delicious Spectacle, 1300 Block Quincy St., NW, May 30th.  © 2014 Matt Dunn

ToDo ToDay: Supercapitalism

There’s no denying it: Supercapitalist is a terrible movie. Another corporate thriller about a big financial scheme gone wrong, the film suffers from transparent plot twists, an utterly hackneyed storyline, and characters both unbelievable and archetypal. But it raises questions about the hedge funder as this generation’s go-to villain. Do we hate them because they [...]

Would You Like Fries With Your Performance Art?

From the start, art doyenne Philippa Hughes has said she's all about making art accessible. The only problem with making arts accessible via art party, of course, is that people still must elect to go to the art party.
Evangelizing for performance art might be even tougher. Or at the very least, Hughes says, the form [...]