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The [British] Office: Fridays After American Dad on Adult Swim!

The American Office is a cartoonish, sanitized, safe place to spend time—funny, for sure, but essentially escapist. The British original, by comparison, is a wartier, more authentically miserable place. Pam and Jim are an All-American couple; Dawn and Tim are working-class grunts making it through the day. Michael Scott is a broad, white-bread buffoon; David [...]

Dethklok: From the Stage to the Console

Konami, the brains behind Dance Dance Revolution, Metal Gear Solid, and Silent Hill, has partnered with the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, the entertainment goliath behind Tim and Eric, Venture Bros., and Squidbillies, to release a video game for Xbox and Playstation based on the hit show Metalocalypse, according to a release from Cartoon Network Enterprises.*
According [...]