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The Majestic Shrines and Stickered, Littered Phone Booths of Southeast Asia

An exhibition of Frank Hallam Day's photos could use more balance between the two.

E. Brady Robinson Is in Your Workspace, Photographing Your Desk

Photographer E. Brady Robinson is putting the finishing touches on Art Desks, a volume featuring 96 images of desks and working spaces of artists, curators, art dealers, critics, and "tastemakers" throughout the East Coast. She began working on the project in Washington in 2011.
Robinson splits her time between Washington and the University of Central Florida [...]

The Best Images of 2012

Sometimes one image is enough to carry an exhibit. Here are my picks for the Top 10 images that appeared in photographic exhibits in D.C. in 2012.
1. Frank Hallam Day, ship hull images, Addison/Ripley Gallery
It’s difficult to choose the better of Day’s two photographs of ship hulls in “Waterline,” an exhibit loosely organized around the [...]

Reviewed: Frank Hallam Day at Addison/Ripley Fine Art

Ho-hum—another year, another successful Frank Hallam Day photography exhibit. The current one, titled “Waterline,” uses as its loose organizing principle the meeting of land and water.
The photographs were taken over a long period of time—1992 to 2007—which produces a somewhat scattershot tour of the world’s littoral regions, from outcroppings on the Spanish coastline to waterside [...]

Reviewed: “Click: Space & Time” at Addison/Ripley Fine Art

Addison/Ripley's “Click: Space & Time” is ambitious, aiming to show how photography represents “two-dimensional space at a fixed instant in time.” It's not a particularly original theme—and I'm not sure many of the works even address it—but never mind. There are plenty of fascinating images to see here.
The great D.C.-based photographer Frank Hallam Day offers [...]

The Best Photographic Images of 2011

Sometimes an exhibit is great in its entirety; sometimes one particular piece rises well above the rest of the exhibit. The images below fall into the latter category. Together, they constitute the 10 best photographic images of 2011, at least in this reviewer's opinion.
1. Harry Callahan, “Telephone Wires,” National Gallery of Art. The National Gallery [...]

Reviewed: “Photography Between the Wars” at Addison/Ripley Fine Art

Got a hankering for retro? Photography-wise, it doesn’t get more retro than the creamy grayscales of the 1920s and 1930s now on display in “Photography Between the Wars” at Addison/Ripley Fine Art. The exhibit, composed of works from Virginia Marshall Zabriskie’s venerable New York City gallery, includes lesser-known, but classic, images by such giants as [...]

Closing Reception: Why Bethesda’s Fraser Gallery Went Under

For Catriona Fraser, the Fraser Gallery’s decade-and-a-half run in Georgetown and Bethesda ended on a simple note: “Nobody was buying any artwork from me.”
Case in point: the 10th Annual International Photography Competition, one of the gallery’s best-known feature exhibitions, which just closed at Fraser’s remaining outpost in downtown Bethesda.
The work is affordable, with most of [...]

Reviewed: Three Seconds with the Masters

James Osher, a Pittsburgh-based artist, has nailed the experience of visiting an art museum. He takes photographs of masterworks, moving his camera fluidly past the paintings, sometimes viewing them in fractured style or elongating them, just as they might appear to a distracted visitor. “Three Seconds With the Masters,” he calls it, prompted by a [...]