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Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 26

In terms of raw numbers, Far Out vs. Hot Dang has reached the half-year point of its existence. But we've taken a few weeks off, so this is totally one of those "Gregorian calendar vs. Julian calendar" kinds of things. We'll probably exploit it by celebrating the one-year anniversary in like Week 28, yo.

P.T. Barnum [...]

Inflated Reality: Lessons in Truthiness for TLC Star Katie Balloons

Three days before a fancy wedding, Addi Somekh, Brian Asman, and Katie Laibstain are suddenly handed a mission: Make the bride’s dress, complete with five-foot train. Make it look spectacular. Make it fit perfectly.
And make it out of balloons.
There is, of course, only one world in which such a challenge could possibly take place: Yes, [...]