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ToDo ToDay: Steven Cushner! Tropical Lunches!

Wasn’t Steven Cushner just here? It was only six months ago that the Washington-based painter mounted his most recent show at Hemphill Fine Arts.  With “The Shaped Paintings, 1991–93,” Cushner returns with a series of deep cuts from his own extensive painting catalog.  Twenty years later, Cushner’s work on nonrectilinear canvases  still needs time—but then, his [...]

The Go the Fuck to Sleep Book Party: In Meter!

Yesterday, Arts Desk sent Benjamin R. Freed to cover Adam Mansbach's appearance at P.J. Clarke's, where the author was promoting his spoof of children's books, Go the Fuck to Sleep. Freed filed this dispatch in iambic fucktameter.
P.J. Clarke's filled up at 5.
The lawyers and lobbyists did creep
and mill and mingle as they waited for the [...]

Five Books I’d Read

in which the author discusses five books he'd read, if time permitted.

1. Go the Fuck to Sleep, by Adam Mansbach.
Being a parent is hard. Sometimes, you and your kid get invited to a rooftop barbecue at a 20-something's posh condo only to find that the only way to get to the rooftop is to drag [...]