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Acetate Records Owner Rick Ballard on the Life and Death of Vance Bockis

After the sudden death of D.C. rocker Vance Bockis was reported earlier this week, I contacted Rick Ballard, who grew up around D.C. and now runs the L.A. label Acetate Records, about writing a remembrance. Here's what Ballard sent back:
When I last spoke to Vance Bockis a few short weeks ago he had an infectious [...]

Download: The Factory’s “Misfortunate Son”

So. Earlier this week I collected some news about forthcoming releases from the Dance Party—the synthy D.C. party-rock  band whose name says it all—and the Factory, a late-'80s/early-'90s D.C. whose singer, Vance Bockis, was a veteran of the city's rock scene. I snarked about both (but also self-deprecated!). This upset people.
Rick Ballard of Acetate Records, [...]

D.C. Party-Rock Digest No.1: The Dance Party and the Factory

An occasional feature that, God willing, will never appear in this space again
The last time we checked in with the Dance Party—that would be the time the dudes behind Fan Death Records called it a "garbage band"—the sweatband-loving D.C. synthpop group was in L.A. recording its major-label debut. Now via the band's publicist, we learn [...]