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Listen to “First Step,” the First Single From Diamond District’s March on Washington

It's been five years since the Diamond District released its stellar—dare I say classic?—debut album, In the Ruff, an astute depiction of young black Washington. Rappers Oddisee, Uptown XO and yU cut through the national euphoria of ushered in by President Barack Obama's new administration, by discussing the civic plight occuring just blocks from the White House. The rats. The tenements. [...]

Obii Say Doesn’t Call His Dad, Just Wants Some Head in “The Zoo”

Obii Say's last two songs were brooding and meticulous. "Plastic" chronicled a young man "10 years before he becomes a killer." "Whose World?", and its murky video, laid out the rapper's internal strife over AB The Pro's jazzy piano loop.
On "The Zoo," also produced by AB, Obii is still reflective, though he's far more abrasive when [...]

DMV Beats: Wale’s “Bad” Remix, AB the Pro, Lyriciss, and More

Good Week, “Bad” Remix
Wale began the week with a bang. On Monday, the rapper dropped the highly anticipated remix to his hit single “Bad,” which features (almost) everyone’s favorite pop princess, Rihanna. Though the tempo hasn't changed, the remix is drenched in even more sin. Wale continues to share jewels on dealing with beautiful yet emotionally [...]

Uptown X.O., Colour de Grey, Reviewed

Uptown X.O. used to rap for the sake of rapping. While D.C. rapidly gentrified, the MC chose to overlook the socioeconomic changes sweeping his hometown, opting for a romanticized view of his city—and himself.
So X.O.'s music sounded relaxed, carried by an air of cool confidence. With an offbeat flow, he sloughed off negative energy with charismatic [...]

DMV Beats: Topdolla Sweizy, Obii Say, S.O.S., Damien, Redhead

Ciroc Bottom
Initially, Topdolla Sweizy is an off-putting presence on the mic. He belts trivialities about finance and Donald Trump, and pushes every high-roller cliché as far as it can go. But on “Too Much," from his new Bottles and Bitches mixtape, he screams about Molly, Ciroc, and Patron, loses the façade, and delivers the tape's [...]

Download: X.O.’s The Color Grey

X.O. is tired of the same ol' same ol' in hip-hop: Rappers either pop bottles, party, or brag about their supposed riches. "We've already done all that," the Diamond District MC tells Arts Desk. "Let's talk about the things going on in the community. There's so much going on here and we need a voice [...]