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Don’t Be Bored: Color-Wheeled

In the District, Aaron Thompson has made a small name for himself recording emotional, indoor-kid laptop folk, but over the last year—during which time he moved to New York City—the singer has stepped more and more outside. His strong 2010 full-length and instrumental commissions were mostly delicate and womblike, with lots of glitchy ambience gurgling [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Gliiiiiiiiiiide

Per this morning's post on monthly new-age night Glide, I have learned something unexpected about the muscial taste of former WCP arts editor Mark Athitakis. In this last week's ish he writes:
When it comes to D.C.-area cultural exports, it’s a lot easier to be proud of Marvin Gaye and the Washington Color School than new-age [...]

Out Today: Aaron Thompson’s Vessel EP

It looks like local troubadour Aaron Thompson has picked up and moved to New York City, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't cop his new EP. Thompson did, after all, live until recently in the District, releasing music through stalwart label Sockets.
He's also staffed the Vessel EP, which is out today, with some D.C. personnel, [...]

Aaron Thompson’s Night at the Museum

Back in January, local gravel-voiced troubadour Aaron Thompson performed a set at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, where along with some other local experimental and indie-rock names—Jacob Chmara, Nathan Jurgenson (ex-Phonic Riot), and Janel & Anthony's Janel Leppin—he performed a pretty meaty set of old and new tunes. Good news: Thompson has posted the set [...]

Download: Aaron Thompson’s “Solitude”

Too bad no one nominated D.C.'s Aaron Thompson to open for Phosphorescent at the Black Cat tonight. Thompson, who's also comfortable recording star-kissed incidental music, writes elegant pop songs that draw from the American folk vernacular but have a healthy sense of atmosphere. So does Phosphorescent's Matthew Houck, only lately, his tunes have upped the [...]

For Young Musicians, Shows May not Pay, but Soundtracking That Chuck Close Promo Will

At Aaron Thompson's level, there's not too much money to be made in making music—the D.C. ambient folkie knows this, and sees his career as in an embryonic stage. But he's taking a forked approached to getting his songs out there. You won't just hear his music on his recent Sockets Records EP or on [...]

Aaron Thompson’s “Vals” Appears in CNN Drug Abuse Story

Back in September we interviewed D.C.-based singer/songwriter Aaron Thompson about his sleepy laptop jam "Vals." Thompson explained that the lyrics referred to imaginary landscape–a pastoral nowhere that he dreamed up while tinkering around with some chilly keyboard sounds. “I follow the telephone wires in the street lights and the sleeping houses,” he sings.
Perhaps the [...]

Presidents Day #MusicMonday: New Music from One Vs. Many, Ted Leo, Aaron Thompson

Never one to let a meme pass it by, One Vs. Many now has Snowmaggedon shirts for sale in its store—they cost $24, with a portion going to the nonprofit So Others Might Eat. Appropriately, the local apparel company has an accompanying mixtape, the second it's dropped this month. The title, Snowmaggedon: The Cabin Fever [...]

New Music: Aaron Thompson’s Vals/Bethany Lane/Icarus

This won't seem like high praise to some of you, but the latest EP from Sockets Records' Aaron Thompson gives me serious flashbacks of Ryan Adams—not Ryan Adams the raffish alt-country singer, or Ryan Adams the ill-conceived retro rocker. I'm thinking of the one who sang Love Is Hell, an underappreciated paean to heartbreak and mopey '80 guitar pop. Now, granted, [...]

This Week’s Music Section: Lil Boosie, Aaron Thompson

Ben Westhoff reviews Lil Boosie's Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz and finds it to be less than bad ass.

Aaron Leitko talks to singer/songwriter Aaron Thompson about "Vals," which captures the Nordic calm of Ikea in song.