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Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead at Folger Theatre, Reviewed

Half a century later, the play that gave Stoppard his start is as forbidding as ever.

A Double-Wide Helen Hayes Awards in Half the Time

Winners sprinted up and down the aisles, and Erin Weaver won big.

Stupid Fucking Bird to Return to Woolly Mammoth This Summer

On the heels of what might be the worst show it's ever produced, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company is bringing back one of its best: Stupid Fucking Bird, playwright Aaron Posner's irreverent update of Anton Chekhov's The Seagull, which was a huge hit for the 34-year-old company last summer, will return with its original cast intact [...]

Arts Roundup: Wale’s Issues Edition

Chris Richards' front-page Wale story burrows into the rapper's insecurity. [Post]
NPR debuts Beautiful Swimmers' forthcoming Son. [NPR]
Despite setbacks, AFI Docs was largely a success, Ann Hornaday reports. [Post]
Also: A review of Jose Antonio Vargas' immigration documentary Documented, which debuted recently at AFI Docs [Post]
The D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities announces two more funding opportunities [...]

ToDo ToDay: Stupid Fucking Bird Opens and WCP’s Having a Concert

Hey, Studio Theatre, you’re not the only theater company that knows how to drop an F- bomb. Woolly Mammoth’s got its own contribution to the grandma-unfriendly theater season: Stupid Fucking Bird, local playwright Aaron Posner’s tribute to Chekhov’s The Seagull. Posner’s work updates Chekhov’s 19th-century exploration of misery and unrequited love, omitting much of the heavy Russian subtext, [...]

A Modest Proposal for Funding Woolly Mammoth’s New-Plays Initiative

New plays! We all agree they're important. They also require lots of close, collaborative, feedback-supplying work to develop—in other words, time, plus a greater-than-usual financial risk (since, you know, new). And if the collective head-hanging that followed the departure of major components of Arena Stage's American Voices New Play Institute last year was any indication, new plays [...]

Mania for Mike Daisey Continues Apace

After monologuist Mike Daisey finishes his encore run of The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs this summer at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, he won't stay away for long. The troupe announced last night that a new Daisey monologue, American Utopias, will have its premiere there next March. Where Daisey's Apple meditation, already a hit in D.C., [...]

Arts Roundup: Maybe She Really Hates Art Edition

Onward and Upward With Arts Criticism: Smoking Gun may have had the scoop on serial art attacker Susan Burns' recent return to the National Gallery to assault a Matisse, but The Washington Post's report gets the prize for best contextualizing quote: "'What she did was strange,' said a police officer, who asked not to be named. [...]

Our Guide to Arena’s Albee Festival

Depending on which source you believe, Edward Albee was either born in Virgina or in the District. Despite his uncertain provenance and the fact that he was adopted by a family in Westchester County, N.Y. a mere two weeks after his birth, D.C. still claims him as its own. Regardless of the legitimacy of this [...]