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Protect-U Announces Double-LP Release Date, Posts New Track

D.C. synth duo Protect-U  will release Free USA, its first true LP, on May 13 via hometown label Future Times. Members Mike Petillo (a co-owner of the label) and Aaron Leitko are planning at least three performances locally in the run-up to the release date: A set at the Select DC Vanguard Festival on April [...]

ToDo ToDay: M.A.K.U. Sound System! Fourth of July Festivities!

There are a lot of people who would cringe at the thought of seeing an "Afro-Colombian punk and folkloric funk band," as the M.A.K.U. Sound System refers to itself. Not because any of those things individually is a turnoff, but because collectively the words could imply a high-concept world-beat overreach. There’s really only one thing [...]

“Double Rainbow”: D.C. Electronica Duo Protect-U Had the Idea First

More than 10 million people have watched the clip "Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow 1-8-10" on YouTube, and more than 6 million have seen the song version, uploaded by the comedy troupe behind Auto-Tune the News. In other words, it's a full-blown meme—and a victory for spaced-out Yosemite hippies and scrappy Internet comics the world [...]

After 15 Years—and Tours with the Make-Up, Faraquet, the Warmers, and Others—Has an Econoline Logged Its Last Mile?

“Do not. Remove. The matchbox.”
That was the advice Aaron Leitko, Hugh McElroy, and Sean Peoples received five years ago when they bought their white, nearly windowless 1995 Ford Econoline 150—a hulking, utilitarian shell of a vehicle that had spent much of its previous decade hauling some of D.C.’s most tour-hardened indie-rock outfits across the country.
Here’s [...]

Leitko Selected for Best Music Writing 2010

"The Orange Line Revolution," Aaron Leitko's December 2009 story about punk houses in Arlington, has been selected for inclusion in Best Music Writing 2010. The piece takes a look at Kansas House, as well as some group homes associated with local indie labels and movements, such as Dischord, Simple Machines, and Positive Force. As Leitko [...]

Malitz vs. Leitko @ St. Ex

Washington Post music critic David Malitz and I have our quarrels, but they tend to be relatively benign—mostly involving Pavement records and rides to concerts. There's no serious beef.
But tonight we're manufacturing a rivalry—because there are no worthy basketball games to watch, because I wanted a reason to change out of my pajamas, and because [...]