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And the It’s an Honor Just to Be Nominated-Sound Bite Opportunities Go To…

Be still, my horrified heart. We perhaps all knew it was coming, but now it's official: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences believes that Avatar was one of the best films of 2009. (Guess the "sciences" portion of the institution's name means more than the "arts" this year.)
Very, very few surprises among the [...]

Why Can’t Ricky Gervais’ Pro-Atheism Film Attract Any Religious Protests?

What if I told you about a major motion picture that said God is a myth? That its main character, living in a world in which people are incapable of lying, soothes his dying mother by saying she’s about to leave this life for a better place, where she’ll have a mansion and see all [...]

In Theaters This Week: Paranormal Activity, Good Hair, A Serious Man, More

Paranormal Activity: The tagline for this Blair Witch-esque film about an evil presence in a young couple's home is "Don't see it alone," and that's no joke –unless you don't mind burying your head in the arm of a stranger. I haven't seen such terrifying images since The Polar Express.
A Serious Man: Thumbs are largely [...]