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An Open Letter to Sandra Beasley
Or: So long, and sorry for the a cappella!

Dear Ms. Beasley,
One of my higher-ups alerted me to your valedictory XX Files column in yesterday's Washington Post Magazine. Imagine my surprise to discover that it was all about me!
Surprise and chagrin, to be honest. Because your column paints a horrifying picture of post-college male decadence, including but not limited to 1.) gluttony 2.) a [...]

9:30 Two-fer: Fleet Foxes and M. Ward

I’ve heard the Name Game play out in many contexts, but at a concert—between the drummer and some guy standing ten rows into the audience—was a new one. “Do you know Rebecca Callahan*?” shouted a tall kid in a white Polo. “She was, like, two grades ahead…”
“Rebecca, oh, yeah,” replied Fleet Foxes drummer J. [...]

Album Review: That Ben Folds A Cappella Record

So I finally got around to listening to Ben Folds' new a cappella album, and I had some thoughts I wanted to append to last week's post. Those of you who are still in the process of forgiving me for bringing Ben Folds and a cappella in to this space to begin with will probably [...]

Ben Folds Takes Five

In certain company, few admissions invite greater scorn than revealing a fondness for Ben Folds or a cappella. (I speak from experience.) Some people regard the former, if you're not a melodramatic 17-year-old, as symptomatic of arrested emotional development; and the latter, to use the unfortunate parlance of the times, as "super gay."
These people might [...]