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For One Week Only, The 9:30 Club Transforms Into a D.C. Music Museum

Photos from the 9:30 Club's World's Fair exhibition.

Arts Roundup: No Taming the Shrew Edition

Plus: Listen to a new song from Manassas' The Duskwhales.

Arts Roundup: Babe’s Back Edition

Plus: Meet PG County's first youth poet laureate.

Arts Roundup: 9:30 Anniversary Edition

Plus: Meet the one-handed artist seizing D.C.'s art world.

Photos: Ex Hex, Mac McCaughan & the Non Believers, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat

"Ex Hex is on next to scrape your face off and sew it back on again."

Arts Roundup: A Time and a Place Edition

Plus: Watch a video of Janel Leppin live at the Wilderness Bureau.

9:30 Club to Celebrate 35th Anniversary With Oral and Pictorial History Book

Plus a three-day "World's Fair" that's already sold out

Photos: Garbage @ 9:30 Club

The band dazzled on the final stop of their "Twenty Years Queer" tour.

Photos: Peaches at 9:30 Club

Peaches brought a charade of sex and champagne to the 9:30 Club last night.

Photos: Old 97’s at 9:30 Club

Twenty-some odd years later, the Old 97's remain one of the best live shows in rock music.