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Arts Commission Will Take Down Controversial Anacostia Project on Monday

"Of course the arts commission is going to comply with the fire marshal," a spokeswoman says.

Barry: I Sicced the Fire Authorities on the Anacostia Art Project

“As the Ward 8 Councilmember, I am determined to have this eye sore removed once and for all.”

Fire/EMS: Controversial Anacostia 5×5 Installation Must Be Removed

The installation has already been canceled and uncanceled.

Arts Commission: Just Kidding, Anacostia “Junk” Art Installation Will Stay Up

"While the Commission does not mean to offend anyone, it would be inconsistent with our mission..."

Arts Commission Will Remove “Junk”-Looking 5×5 Installation in Anacostia

The installation in a vacant storefront had drawn complaints from neighbors and Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry.

Why Anacostia Residents Are Calling 311 Over This Art Installation

To some residents of Anacostia, Abigail DeVille's artwork just looks like garbage.

How to See Every 5×5 Art Project in a Single Ward-Hopping Day

With a little gumption, a day off, and a lot of patience for public transportation, it’s possible.

Mia Feuer’s Gas Station Installation Scrapped Altogether

Artist Mia Feuer's planned gas-station installation is officially off. Plans to install the piece, a full-sized replica of a gas station proposed as part of the D.C. Commission on Arts and Humanities' 5x5 series, in the Anacostia River were scrapped last week, with the commission saying it was pursuing other locations for the project. But [...]

Mia Feuer Won’t Install a Gas-Station Sculpture in the Anacostia, After All

Artist Mia Feuer's plan to install a sculpture of a sunken gas station in the Anacostia River has been shelved. The buzzy proposed project first hit a snag yesterday, when a coalition of opponents sent a letter to the arts commission objecting to Feuer's piece. The sculpture, "Antediluvian," was part of the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities' "5x5" exhibition [...]

Rereleased ArtAround App Maps D.C.’s Public Art

Walking down Calvert Street NW in Adams Morgan, it’s not too hard to spot the neo-Fauvist contortions of Laurenellen McCann’s favorite mural in the District: “A People Without Murals Is a Demuralized People,” perched prominently on the side of the Kogibow Bakery. Hard to miss, definitely. But even harder to identify. Murals, unfortunately, don't tend to come with [...]