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“Next Generation” at Contemporary Wing, Reviewed

It didn't even occur to me that there might be a white artist in "Next Generation." Everything about the pitch for the show, the first for Contemporary Wing, suggested it would feature only black artists—to me, anyway. For the show, gallery founder Lauren Gentile asked participants in "30 Americans," the show of black artists [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Annie Leibovitz at P&P

Late but essential!
You may have a set of images that come to mind when someone says “Annie Leibovitz.” Those probably include celebrities in various stages of undress, but so expressive and artfully staged that their famous identities slip away. Leibovitz’s new collection, Pilgrimage, is a dramatic departure, and yet not: These scenes have no people, but [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Dave Mann, “30 Americans,” Toast

I've got this week's cover story with a profile of Dave Mann, the eccentric indie rocker behind the city's hardest-to-explain rock festival, Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie. Jeffry Cudlin leads the arts section with a review of the Corcoran's "30 Americans," whose art, he says, is stunning, but whose argument is nowhere to be seen. In [...]

Arts Roundup: Power Cycle Edition

Patron Saints? The Post's Marc Fisher profiles Mera and Donald Rubell, the Miami art collectors who are planning to open a museum in Southwest, whose collection fuels the Corcoran's new mega-exhibit 30 Americans, and whose Capitol Skyline Hotel just hosted the (e)merge art fair. Of Washington and its cultural appeal to outsiders, Mera says: “We [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Buy the Couch

Ty Segall is often compared to the late Jay Reatard, and he’s undoubtedly a standard bearer of San Francisco’s rich neo-garage scene, but that doesn’t mean he’s satisfied with those frames of reference. Back in April, Segall released an EP of T. Rex covers, a glam-rock course correction that also informs his new, intriguing full-length,Goodbye [...]