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Arts Roundup: Pazz & Jop and then We’re Done with 2009 Edition

Hello! Pazz & Jop! The annual critics' poll organized by the Village Voice went online yesterday, and nothing about the main lists should surprise you: Animal Collective and Phoenix topped the albums list; Jay-Z (and Animal Collective and Phoenix) topped the single list. A number of City Paper staffers and contributers submitted Pazz & Jop ballots. [...]

Music in Review: Records I Liked, But Really, Anything Was Better than That Girls Album

Animal Collective
Merriweather Post Pavilion
I'm pretty sure I tried to call Merriweather Post Pavilion "Record of the year" back in January, when I reviewed it, but City Paper managing editor Andrew Beaujon argued that this statement might be a tad premature, given that '09 still had 11 months left to go. But here we are in [...]

2009’s Most Popular Items on Arts Desk: John Waters, Clark Sabine, Twilight, and More

For the last two weeks, you've read a lot about what we loved in 2009. But what about you? After the jump, you can get a sense of what our readers dug in 2009, or at least what they clicked on the most at Black Plastic Bag and the revamped Arts Desk—from John Waters and Twilight [...]

The Top 10 Jazz Albums of 2009

While jazz's clash with the mainstream was the most intensely debated topic of 2009, it was actually an incredibly fruitful year for the music. The recordings I discuss in the link above were among the best and most exciting; whether or not they ultimately catch commercial fire, their attempts to employ rock and hip-hop aesthetics [...]

Midweek Mixtape: Who Needs Albums?

Popular wisdom will tell you that the album is quickly going the way of the 45, and yet it's no stretch to say that most people in my line of work (that'd be criticism!) still think about music in album-centered terms. I'm certainly guilty of this, but with every year, more and more of my [...]

Music in Review: Idolating Pitchfork in Maura Johnson’s Absence

After reading my critique of Pitchfork’s P2K: The Decade in Music list in City Paper's Music in Review issue, a friend commented that “sometimes I don't know what's more cliché: reading Pitchfork or complaining about Pitchfork.” Reductionist arguments like that are easy swipes, but they speak to the incessant griping, legitimate or [...]

Music in Review: Five Myths About the End of the Record Industry

Was there a more important music story this decade than the dramatic changes to the recording business? Every rule was broken, from the ways companies distribute music to how we listen to it—or so it would seem. Writing in our Music in Review issue, Brent Burton details five myths about the end of the music [...]

Music in Review: What Does the Wale Anticlimax Mean for D.C. Hip-Hop?

Rapper Wale dropped his debut album, Attention Deficit, on Nov. 10, but as of Dec. 8, he's only moved 47,000 units—an undeniable anticlimax for an MC the Washington Post called "the Great Rap Hope" two years ago. In our Music in Review issue, Andrew Noz looks at what the sputtering of the Wale phenomenon means [...]

Music in Review: How the Fest Was Won

For the rock & roll collector—and the hard-toking Bonnaroo-goer—concert and festival DVDs have become essential stocking stuffers, even though many are subpar. Films of music festivals, in particular, "have become warmed-over buffets, in which you get one number each from a handful of bands (often not the best number, either) along with obligatory crowd-pans and [...]

Music in Review: Equip Your Computer with a Breathalizer

David Dunlap Jr. downloaded the most recent Depeche Mode album last spring, and he does not know why. Clearly, he'd had a few too many Shirley Temples.
Writing in our Music in Review issue, Dunlap explains how just a few tipples bring out his inner nostalgic beast—which is exactly how he ended up downloading a much-derided [...]