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Stop Covering “Waiting Room”

Last night, Arcade Fire played D.C. and straightforwardly covered "Waiting Room." Everyone knew Arcade Fire would cover "Waiting Room," because the band has been playing city-appropriate covers throughout its current arena tour, and obviously they were going to cover "Waiting Room." Because "Waiting Room."

Here is a list of 10 bands that have covered "Waiting Room." One of them is the Red Hot Chili Peppers, whose cover of the song was a staple of its live set in the '90s. Another one is Jimmie's Chicken Shack.

Jimmie's Chicken Shack covered "Waiting Room." You should not cover "Waiting Room."

It won't be surprising. It won't be interesting, because no band seems willing to do anything other than a strictly faithful version of it. It is kind of surprising that an interesting band like TV on the Radio covered "Waiting Room," but their version was definitely not interesting. Which is not at all surprising.

Seriously: Stop covering "Waiting Room."

Cover "Repeater."

Cover "Cashout."

Cover "Smallpox Champion"—how fun would that be?

Cover "Long Distance Runner."

Cover "Public Witness Program"

Cover "Number 5"—I bet someone in your crowd will be impressed.

Cover "Long Division."

Cover "Margin Walker"—Wild Flag did that, and it was pretty cool.

Or, I dunno, cover "Straight Edge," "Out of Step," or "Salad Days." Fine. Whatever.

But please: Stop covering "Waiting Room."

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  • anon

    What - no Bustin' Loose . . . oh, right . . . Arcade Fire is pasty white even for Canadians

  • IMGoph

    How about just enjoying the fact that you have enough of a history and draw that bands find songs worth covering and find it worthwhile to play the city?

    Why complain?

  • Luke

    Why complain? Because internet.

  • AnonymousBrunette

    Let me get this straight, 2011 Album of the Year artist nails a seminal song, by a local band at the city's largest venue, and this is all you've got? Lame. AF haters gonna hate. & journalistic hacks gonna continue to spew as long as CityPaper gives them a soapbox.

  • Megan Sullivan-Kirby

    Agreed. Although I bet 1/2 the crowd didn't know that song or that it was a cover.

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