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Watch Benoit & Sergio’s Video for “Your Darkness”

The last time Benoit & Sergio released an EP, the deep house-rooted D.C./Berlin duo had pop on their minds. Their latest, the Your Darkness EP, brings them back to the club.

The title track—whose Japan-set video premiered today on Billboard—is moody, streamlined, and Moroder-esque, with a slinky synth hook and sampled vocals from the Italian artist Silvie LotoSome of Benoit & Sergio's best songs have benefited from their own vocals, but on Your Darkness, all the voices are imported—including some sounds from the late wrestler "Macho Man" Randy Savage, they tell Billboard.

The duo is working on its first full-length and, good news, it's being co-produced by the equally slick and even gloomier Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington of Darkside. The three-track Your Darkness is already out on vinyl, with a digital release set for July 28 on Visionquest.

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