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Obii Say Doesn’t Call His Dad, Just Wants Some Head in “The Zoo”

ObiiObii Say's last two songs were brooding and meticulous. "Plastic" chronicled a young man "10 years before he becomes a killer." "Whose World?", and its murky video, laid out the rapper's internal strife over AB The Pro's jazzy piano loop.

On "The Zoo," also produced by AB, Obii is still reflective, though he's far more abrasive when detailing his immediate surroundings: "I'm on my own, my father say he feel the distance/Say I don't call enough and that I just go missing." That tidbit isn't surprising, given Obii's tendency to recede from public view.

Elsewhere, he acknowledges a weed habit caused by stress. As for romance? Pfffft. "Fuck all that talkin', I'm just tryna get some head." At least he's upfront about it. Listen to "The Zoo" below.

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