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Listen: MindsOne & Kev Brown, feat. Homeboy Sandman, “Pop”

KevBrownLet's stop for a second to acknowledge the greatness of Homeboy Sandman. This guy can just rap, and it doesn't matter what he's talking about: "When I'm flyin', FEMA security always wanna gimme the pat down/Me, I be the opposite, I can't put the pad down."

The rhyme isn't overly technical, but it sounds great on "Pop," a funky MindsOne tune composed by Kev Brown, who's a pretty solid MC in his own right. The nostalgic track is featured on Pillars, a new collaborative EP from MindsOne and Brown, which follows their 2010 project, Self Reliance. Among other things, the new album bemoans the current musical landscape.

Listen to "Pop" below.

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