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Listen to Black Eyes’ Final Show

photo by sean brackbill

Here's a gem: Dischord has posted a recording of the last show performed by D.C. post-hardcore champs Black Eyes—which, to my amazement, took place 10 years ago at the Black Cat. I wasn't at this show, but I had seen them at the same venue before that, and yowza. Click play and wait five minutes—things start soft and dubby but soon get furious.

A quick note on this era of Black Eyes: I remember the band's second album—Cough, a destructive and deconstructive record that had a lot more to do with dub reggae, no wave, and noise rock than most other punk music being made in the District at the time or before—being fairly controversial, at least among some fans of the group. It actually sounded like a band arguing within itself about what it wanted to be, and I ate that shit up. Those songs have aged well.

If you need me, I'll be back in 2004.

Photo courtesy Dischord Records

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