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Yung Gleesh Dances Weirdly, Spills Blood in “Water” Video

D.C. rapper Yung Gleesh, self-proclaimed "shitbag," released the video for his latest single "Water" last week. Directed by Will Hoopes, the video has the lighting, flash transitions, and ominous images you'd expect from a slasher flick. Gleesh, ever the comedian, plays a menacing type, with his usual monotone accompanied by the occasional demonic echo. While playing the bad guy, Gleesh does his usual ridiculous on-camera dancing—though this time it's more possessed than usual.

The Scottie Rob-produced song doesn’t stick with you like 2012’s "Skrong" did, but Gleesh's next project, Cleansides Finest 3, might give him another chance to recapture the crankage.

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