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Listen: Maimouna Youssef’s Response to Lorde’s “Royals”

LordeAt this point, Lorde's "Royals" is firmly embedded in this moment in pop culture. Released last summer, it proved a smash hit for the New Zealand singer, one that culminated with her recently taking home four Grammys for her trouble.

But local rapper and singer Maimouna Youssef has a response to Lorde's hit. It comes in the form of her new adaptation of the song, "We're Already Royal," a defense of have-nots who are justified in their fantasies of—as Lorde's original references—diamonds, Cristal, and Maybach cars. It's a call to arms, of sorts, for the hustlers and those on the indie grind who shine their own way. Though Youssef also reminds listeners that wealth doesn't equal happiness—and that true success is the kind attained with integrity.

Stream "We're Already Royal" below.

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  • r u kidding

    shortly, I'll be posting my follow-up to both, "The Royals Had A Baby"

  • Grax


  • Nope

    Pass. Not gonna listen to someone else's hating on a successful musician who they will never meet. Weak.

  • Leila

    I love this remake. Great job. My interpretation of the song Maimouna created is a lot more than a justification of what Lorde sings about. Maimouna's song puts a lot of things in context but specifically is referencing the impact of culture pirating and how things have certainly gotten twisted. It is with great irony that a white girl from New Zealand singing about the inanity of videos reaps mass acclaim...

  • Yup

    Great voice. Dope lyrics and yes... puts alot of things in proper perspective.