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Some Bohemian Caverns Concerts Rescheduled

Bohemian Caverns/Liv Nightclub at 11th and U St NW

As Bohemian Caverns remains closed after a car plowed into the building, some of the venue's shows have been rescheduled.

Since 2011, local avant-jazz promoter Transparent Productions has held most of its events on Sunday nights at Bohemian Caverns. Two shows it booked at BoCav—Steve and Iqua Colson, originally scheduled for Oct. 18, and Kevin Norton's Breakfast of Champions scheduled for this Sunday—now have new dates, according to Transparent's Bobby Hill. Norton will perform at the Caverns on Sunday, June 1; the Colsons will perform the following Sunday, June 8.

For the time being, November concerts featuring The Tracie Morris Group (Nov. 3) and Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet (Nov. 10) are still on the club's schedule.

Photo by Ally Schweitzer

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