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Listen: Las Kellies and Ian Svenonius, “Two Types”


Is Ian Svenonius done with old people? These days, the D.C. frontman seems to prefer hangin' with the kids—like his young associates in Chain & the Gang, and now, Argentina's Las Kellies.

On the South American post-punk trio's brand-new album Total Exposure, Svenonius crops up on the minimal, Y Pants-like song "Two Types." The lyrics sound very Ian: "There's two types that I like/Yeah, there's two/Well there's two types/That I like/And one's you."

I haven't heard the whole album yet, but I dig Las Kellies' "Melting Ice," which reminds me of the funky post-punk on that great Compass Point compilation.

Listen to "Two Types" and "Melting Ice," below.

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