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Fat Trel, Breakin’ the Law

Fat Trel, "No Lamez" video

The Fat Fool, holdin' it down.

This week's Washington Post story on ATV and dirt-bike riding on city streets came only a few days after the debut of Fat Trel's wheelie-poppin' "No Lamez" video, shot in the Palmer Park neighborhood of Prince George's County. The Post article focuses on D.C., with only a brief mention of Prince George's, but to be clear: What the dudes do on ATVs and bikes in the Trel video is, y'know, illegal, according to the form for registering off-road vehicles with the county. The DMV region is hardly the only place with a rogue off-road-vehicle scene, of course. ("No Lamez" appears on SDMG, Trel's new mixtape.)

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