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Watch: Foul Swoops Standing Around and Looking Cool

Northern Virginia punx Foul Swoops released a new music video early today—a splashy twofer for their songs "Shot in the Dark" and "Good Looks."

Directed by new keyboardist Michelle Peña, the video shows band members Laurie Spector, Devin Connell, and Sean Connell—plus special guest Maya Bowman—standing around and looking cool in various D.C.-area locations. There's a lot of cigarette smoking and straight-faced sunglasses-wearing, and one shirtless stroll through a cemetery. There is no lipsynching (lipsynching is not cool), but the Connell brothers do some fake guitar-playing (which is pretty cool). My favorite moment: the pie scene at Bob & Edith's.

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  • Jim

    I like you, Foul Swoops, I really do, but please have someone else make your next video? The video was totally NOT punxxx.

  • person

    unless you're iggy pop, I doubt foul swoops care about your definition of "punk"

  • Jim

    Who said anything about "punk"? It's punxXx with an X, sucka!

  • shrabert

    iAN Mackii wud be proud soo punk

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