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Listen to a New Dismemberment Plan Song (Over the Phone)

Why fuck with Bandcamp when you can rock a hotline? You can listen to a new Dismemberment Plan song—in fact, the first new studio song from the band in, oh, 12 years—by calling a phone number that the reunited D.C. indie rockers have posted to their website. If you've seen this torso—an extra from the Magna Carta...Holy Grail photo shoot, maybe?—the band wants you to call 252-64-DPLAN.

In fact, what you hear when you call the number is "Waiting," the second song from Uncanney Valley, the group's forthcoming fifth studio album, which is out on Oct. 15. It's a slightly jittery, low-sizzle indie-pop tune that begins with a lyric longtime fans of the band should appreciate: "Well, look who it is," sings frontman Travis Morrison. "Been a little while since you've been up in my biz."

Update, 2:20 p.m. Well, here's the provenance of that torso. Apparently during the Plan's show at Eyeclopes in Fredericksburg last year, the thing ended up on Morrison's head.

Update, July 16, 1:50 p.m. The song has been posted on Soundcloud. Stream it below.

Photo by Shervin Lainez, courtesy the Dismemberment Plan

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  • 8.5 Min Mile

    The number above is wrong, it's 252-64-DPLAN

  • Jonathan L. Fischer

    Thanks, 8.5. I typoed.