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Photos: Paramore @ Fillmore Silver Spring

"We've been kind of a soap opera for the last couple years," admitted Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams about halfway through her headlining set on Saturday night at the Fillmore in Silver Spring. But the band seemed to have emerged from their tabloidy interlude not too much worse for the wear either musically or commercially. They sold out the Fillmore in a matter of minutes and together with openers Kitten, put on a show that seemed to have five bands' worth of carefree energy.

Interestingly, songs from Paramore's new self-titled record made up less than half of the setlist, but they were as well-received as the old standbys. Safe to say that even if only half the touring band are permanent members, Paramore haven't lost a beat in terms of putting on a show.

View the full slideshow (40 photos) in the gallery.

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