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Read Our Summer Entertainment Guide!

Washington City Paper's Summer Entertainment Guide is here—online now, and in boxes today. You should thumb (or click) through it. Why? Because we know the secret to a great D.C. summer.

Psssst! The secret is to chill.

Yeah, chill. That's how everyone should spend a D.C. summer. Ride a bike at night. Stretch out on a patch of grass with a homemade iced Red Zinger. Hold onto your money and listen to live music in a park for free. Freak out to Hungarian music (for free). Freak out to out-there go-go (for free). Support your local DIY festival (for cheap). Or deposit yourself inside an air-conditioned club, watching one of the many performers we think you should see this season (for an often reasonable amount of money that helps sustain a local business).

The truth is, there aren't any "must-dos" in a D.C. summer. But you must do something. Anything! And we can help.

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